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ATS hosts and promotes shows. Thom Waddill, one of the co-founders of ATS, handles the selection and booking.


ATS offers the space, digital outreach, and organizational power as resources for creative instructors. Local residents are invited to propose a public workshop at least two months in advance. Each one is promoted through the ATS newsletter. Profits are split 50/50 between the workshop leader and ATS. First-time & to-be instructors welcome. To propose a workshop, email

Mutual Aid

Once every two months, we will offer the space at no cost for local mutual aid organizing. The group we partner with can choose to use the space in a variety of ways, whether as a space to paint big signs, or, for example, as a space to host a fundraiser/pop up. Promotion and fundraising through the ATS’s monthly newsletter is also available.

The Garden

There’s a community garden in the works. Check back soon for more info, and reach out if you want to be a part of it!


Independent exhibits, performances, film sets, photo shoots, etc. rent our space for $75/hour for a minimum of 2 hours with no production assistance from ATS. ATS hosts, providing equipment, promotion and graphics, vendors, and sound tech for up to $140/hour. The profits go directly to offsetting the warehouse’s rent and utilities. For working artists (people whose primary job is being an artist), ATS offers a sliding scale rental fee both parties agree upon. If needed, we’re willing to collaborate with the artist to fundraise using ATS’s resources.
Click here to book through Peerspace.


Art exhibitions will be curated and hosted by ATS. As the personal curatorial practice of Emily Lee, one of the founders of ATS, out exhibitions make a concerted effort not to force conclusions onto the work, the artists, or the viewers. ATS will help exhibiting artists to professionally install and set up all artworks. We’ll promote exhibits through via email and through submissions to arts organizations/sites with art features. Accompanying exhibition text is provided by Emily in collaboration with the artists. Friends of ATS help with documentation and printed materials on a case-by-case basis.

The Year-Long No-Homework Book Club

From February 2022 - February 2023, ATS will host group readings and discussions on Maggie Nelson’s latest book, On Freedom. Each session will begin with a 20-30 minute out-loud reading (i.e., there’s no homework). Printed copies of each section are available with advanced notice. Sliding scale donations are encouraged for participants. Please RSVP via email:

The Two-Week Residency

We invite an artist or collaborative group to use the 1,000 sq. ft. warehouse/studio for two weeks. If the resident wants to share any creative output during that time, they have the option to work with ATS as an exhibit space, performance venue, artist talk platform, a place for studio visits, etc. There’s no required output needed to complete the residency. Instead, we ask the resident to make some positive physical change to the space or help fundraise toward its rent. ATS will contribute a thoughtful, short-form essay on the artists work/practice. ATS will also promote work through the ATS newsletter and through submissions to sites with art features like ArtViewer, Glasstire, and Sightlines. This residency is unfunded for now, and it does not offer housing.

Donate + Volunteer

ATS is committed to fostering highly sensitive, context-specific art in Texas and giving artists whose work doesn’t fit into a commercial economy the opportunity to experiment, make mistakes, and have questions. It’s not a financially sustainable model, and we don’t plan on making it last forever; it’ll just last as long as it has the resources to. It costs about $1,250 per month to break even, not including labor.

Email us to stay in the loop for volunteer opportunities!

906 Koerner Lane, Austin, Texas, 78721

ATS is housed in a warehouse on a residential cul-de-sac adjacent to an industrial concrete manufacturer in Thomas Waddill’s, Anthony Laurence, and Emily Lee’s rental home’s backyard.

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